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Lets Visit Sarawak

The only on state I haven't visited yet is Sarawak!!

So, lets check it out what are the interesting and fascinating places in Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang, Malaysia!

This article was referred from Visit Malaysia 2014 Book: East Malaysia

There is something utterly fascinating and mystical about Sarawak. This is the largest state in Malaysia, occupying the southern-western ridge of Borneo. Its verdant jungle are strewn with massive natural formations, the worlds largest cave chambers as well as endemic flora and fauna. Sarawak's greatest assets include its UNESCO World Heritage Site and numerous protected national parks. The vast number of hornbills found here has made Sarawak to be fondly known as "the Land of the Hornbills" or "bumi Kenyalang".

Its vibrant ethnic groups, coupled with the legacy of Brooke dynasty, weave a history filled with intrigue and fascination. Kuching, the capital city, is a good place to get a glimpse into the past.

Lets explore the extraordinary natural marvels of Sarawak!

Sarawak map

The interest places in Sarawak are the national park like:
- Gunung Mulu National Park, Miri (a UNESCO world heritage site)
- Niah National Park, Miri
- Lambir Hills National Park, Miri
- Loagan Bunut National Park, Miri
- Bako National Park, Kuching
- Kubah National Park, Kuching
- Gunung Gading National Park, Kuching
- Tanjung Datu National Park, Kuching
- Talang Satang National Park, Kuching
- Similajau National Park, Bintulu
- Batang Ai National Park, Lubok Antu

Haaaa....banyak kan!!! But I choose 5 first

Gunung Mulu National Park, Miri
One of the most outstanding attraction in Sarawak, Gunung Mulu National Park is a treasure trove of vertical cliffs, jagged limestone pinnacles and intricate cave networks. The area is a paradise for researchers with some 20, 000 animals and 3, 500 plant species. Tours and caving expeditions are available from the park office. Visitors can choose from introductory, intermediate or advanced tours depending on their experience and fitness levels. Tours are accompanied by World Heritage Guides. To truly appreciate the beauty of Mulu, visitors are advised to allocate at least several days for their trip here. Accommodation ranges from camp sites, forest huts to the exclusive Royal Mulu Resort nestled amidst the rainforest. Mulu is accessible by air from Miri.

Some of astounding natural attractions:
- Deer Cave has the largest cave passage in the world
- Clearwater Cave is Asia's longest cave
- The Sarawak Chamber is the world's largest cave chamber. It can accommodate 40 Boeing 747 aircrafts
Deer cave tunnel

A unique feature at the Deer Cave is the formation which resembles the profile of Abraham Lincoln

So, what you must do here?
  • Visit the four show caves - Deer, Lang, Clearwater and Wind Caves
  • Watch millions of bats from the Bat Observatory
  • Make your way to The Pinnacles
  • Trek along the headhunters Trail to Limbang
  • Go up the 480 m Mulu Canopy Skywalk
  • Explore the Medicine Plants Trail
For further inquiries, please contact and visit:
Tel: 085 428121 (Destination Mulu @ Miri Airport), 085 792300 (Bosarmulu Park Management)
Website Mulu Park and Mulu Caves

Gunung Mulu's signature attraction is the razor-sharp limestone spikes called The Pinnacles. This fascinating site was used as background photo for RM100 note.

Niah National Park, Miri
Millions of bats and swiftlets, numerous historical sites, ancient tombs and a primary rainforest come together to enchant visitors at this national park. Sprawling over 3,238ha, Niah National Park enjoys great popularity among history lovers and researchers for its archaeological significance. The Great Cave here was inhabited by prehistoric men nearly 40,000 years ago. Among the relics unearthed include Neolithic paintings and Paleolithic artifacts. Another attraction is the Painted Caves, where depictions of human like figures were found near an ancient burial site. Niah National Park is accessible from Miri and Bintulu. It is situated about 109km from Miri or 131km from Bintulu. Accommadation ranges from chalets, hostels to a rest house.

Niah's Great Cave and Painted Cave are declared as National Historical Monuments

What we must do here?:
  • Explore the forest trails
  • Visit the Iban Longhouse nearby
  • Enjoy a boat ride
  • Explore the Great Cave to see the excavation sites
  • Visit Niah's famous Painted Cave
For further inquiries, please contact and visit:
Tel: 085 737454/ 737450 (Niah National Park and Wildlife Office)
Website : Sarawak Forestry , AmazingNiah BlogJourney Malaysia

Bako Natinonal Park, Kuching
Bako National Park is ideal for day trips because of its proximity to the city. It is also said to be the best place to start your discovery of the state's rainforest. Among the occupants of this national park are the rare proboscis monkeys, lont-tailed macaques, leaf monkeys, monitor lizards, plantain squirrels, and about 150 species of birds. Accommodations is available in the form of forest hostels and lodges. Many tour companies organise tours to Bako.

Wave erosion at the base of the cliffs has carved many of the rocky headlands into fantastically shaped sea arches and sea stacks with colored patterns formed by iron deposition

For further inquiries, please contact and visit:
Tel: 082 431336 (Bako Terminal), 082 478011/ 478012 (Bako National Park)
Website: Sarawak ForestryJourney Malaysia

The male proboscis monkey with a huge pendulous nose and a large pot-belly, weighing in excess of 20 kg. Both male and female are covered in reddish-brown fur with grey limbs and a white tail. 

Gunung Gading National Park, Lundu
Rafflesia, the world's largest flower, stands as the main attraction in this national park. The species here is called Rafflesia tuan mudae, which can grow up to one metre in width. Forest lodges are available for overnight stays. This park is about two hours drive from Kuching. Visitors are advised to call first to find out if the Rafflesia is in bloom.

Must do:
  • Picnic at the nearby Pandan and Siar Beaches
  • Hike to the peak of Mount Gading at 900m
  • Walk along the jungle trails to view the Rafflesia
Admission fee: RM20 Adult, RM7 Child
Tel: 082 735144 (Gunung Gading Naional Park), 082 248088 (Booking Office)
Website: Sarawak Forestry

The gigantic Rafflesia flower can reach up to one metre in full bloom. It takes about nines months to mature but the bloom only lasts for a week.

Lambir Hills National Park, Miri
A botanical paradise, this park is said to have about 1,100 tree species in just 50ha. tall dipterocarp trees such as kapur and meranti cover much of the forest canopy. With some patience and luck, visitors may be able to catch sigh of pangolins, barking deer or monkeys. Walk along the trails or trek to the scenic waterfalls for a picnic. This national park is situated along the Miri-Bintulu road. It is about 30km from Miri town.

Admission fee: RM20 Adult, RM7 child
Tel: 085 471630/ 471609 (Lambir Hills National Park HQ)
Website: Sarawak Forestry

Sarawak has the highest number of national parks in the country. Each national park is different in character and offers distinct attractions. The national parks are managed by Sarawak Forestry Corporation. Several parks are complemented with jungle resorts that provide modern amenities. The information above is only an overview of the majestic attractions that lay at the national parks. Further information can be obtained from Sarawak Tourism Board's website at or Sarawak Forestry Corporation's website at

The other interesting places in Sarawak:
- Kuching Waterfront
- Sarawak Museum, Kuching
- Islamic Museum, Kuching
- Cat Museum, Kuching
- Semenggoh Wild Reserve
- Sarawak Culture Village
- Annah Rais Longhouse, Padawan
- Iban Longhouse Tours, (Batang Ai, Lemanak and Skrang)
- Sibu Market, Sibu

Friday, December 5, 2014

Genetically modified potato for McDonald restaurant

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved commercial planting of a potato that is genetically modified to resist bruising and to produce less of a chemical that has caused cancer in animals. Boise, Idaho-based J.R. Simplot Co. developed the potato, and it was approved by the USDA early November.

Simplot is a major supplier of french fries, hash browns and other potato products for restaurant chains like McDonald's corp. The company altered the potato's DNA so it produces less acrylamide, which is suspected to be a human carcinogen.Potato naturally produce the chemical when they're cooked at high temperatures.

The new potato also resists bruising, a characteristics long sought by potato growers and processors for financial reasons. Potatoes bruised during harvesting, shipping and storage can lose value or become unusable.

The new potatoes called Innate potatoes that produce less acrylamide when fried. Ther's a new Mr. Potato in town

Scrambled words

Can you read this and understand the entire message, despite the misspelled words? That's because your brain only registers the first and last letter of a words. It doesn't matter what letters are in the middle. we reorder them so that the words make sense. Pretty cool, huh?

"Aoccdrnig to a rseearch sduty at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy. it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe"

Thank you for read this... =_=

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Laughter is the best medicine

Ketawa adalah rawatan yg baik tapi ketawa yg kuat berdekah2 adalah satu perangai syaitonnn.. haha

Nothing up my sleeves

Raju and Kamil go into Seven-Eleven store. Raju stealthily poskets three bars of chocolate and slips out. Gloating, he challenges Kamil to do something even bigger.

"No Problem," replies Kamil. "I'll show you the real art of thieving."

Re-entering the shop, Kamil approaches a member of staff and asks, "Would you like to see a magic trick?"

The staff member nods, so Kamil takes three chocolate bars off the shelf and eats them all.

"So where's the magic?" asks the staff member.

"Just check my friend's pocket," Kamil replies, pointing to Raju. "You'll find all three bars intact."

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