Thursday, October 30, 2014

when did i started to put "care" inside my mind?


I started to realize how beautiful is this campus, University of Malaya since I entered here in 2006, during my PASUM's year. I love all of the plants around there especially in my spectacular new college, Ungku Aziz Residential College. This college is clean with a lot of plants and several good bio-indicators around. Why? I just compared it with the other residential college in that time which means I presumed that UM campus don't event bother with their green nature especially around their working area. Yes, I realized that we have our own Botanical Garden, but this place cannot be the only benchmark to say that we preserve and conserve the mother nature. It is really difficult to find recycle bin or recycle campaign program in that time. Styrofoams were extremely used without nobody care how hazardous it was to the environment. No say no to plastic bag campaign. No orange bins provided in dining hall for solid waste collection. No campaign for saving of water and energy. No plant labeling for educational purpose. No, no, no, and no.
(I just realized it after I get in touch with the sustainability campaign held by UMCARES group).

Cares in 2008.
I entered UM again as an undergraduate in 2007 after I successfully finished my PASUMs life. Where was I staying? Za'ba Residential College.....I was there for three years wonderful and awesome journey.

How dit it start? Actually, I was an official reporter for UM magazine during my first and second year study for Tinta HEP magazines. However, not many people know about this because our team have to move silently like a secret agent, just to come out with a surprise story. Hahahaa...I'm just exaggerating. I have covered more than ten issues if I not mistaken for this magazine. My articles always put as a front page story and get published in each issue. it was just a long time story.... What I want to try telling you is I have wrote an article "UM mengekalkan kehijauan kampus" in one of the issue just to create awareness among UM's people, how beautiful, how green this campus actually. This article was playing around in my mind after our former VC came out with a general idea of UMCares campaign in her speech during Merdeka Celebration 2008 in front of DTC. Well, it was the last Merdeka Celebration ever held in front of DTC. However, this idea was not turning up until in 2010, an environment competition was held between the residential college. It was a good starting point!!

This Environmental competition was a very excellent platform to promote and create awareness to our young generations in how to practice a well sustainability lifestyle in their life, etc.

I was a UM student again with an alumni status. I was registered as a postgraduate student and start to get know what were UMCARES team have done to ensure these missions were going well as having planned. I came back to Za'ba and helped out my juniors to win the environmental competition. We came out with a simple idea i.e. tree labeling (since here got many beautiful and exotic plants..ahaaa). They also made a short video that put more concerns on saving environment, and I was one of the icons interviewed in that video.

Since that, I was actively get involved in other environmental campaign like beach cleaning, etc.

To be an assistant fellow in Avicenna Residential College was a big challenge for me. I never think that I could be an assistant fellow before. It was just a random chapter in my life.
This post was actually give an opportunity to express my idea to promote an environmental awareness among peoples since 2008.... (gituhhhh....propa)..

The important questions are "What have I done?"

I care, U Care, We care! Unfortunately, got many peoples out there just done care what all of us care about.

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