Thursday, October 30, 2014

A letter for my environment

Dear Environment,

One of my friend keep on asking me what I have done to promote the practicing of sustainability lifestyle in peoples life. What I have done to promote this crucial things to other people in my beloved campus, University of Malaya? Why I am doing those things? When I started it? Where I learned it? How I practiced and applied it my life and also peoples life? Which should I start first?

I just can smile and laugh. I also don't know and maybe don't even bother what other people thinking about me. Well, everyone have their own stereotype or cliche lifestyle to fill up the blank in their life, kind of hobby for them or maybe to release their stress and express their emotions. Same goes to me. I chose to love our mother nature means this world and of course not a "mencintai dunia n forgot the akhirat". hahaha.

I am budak kampung. I was born in a "kampung". I have played with the soil with my bare hands since my childhood just to feel how it was so important in our life. Not many people appreciate the soil we are standing right now. Soil without water is nothing. Soil without water and air is obviously nothing. Soil without water, air and light extremely nothing for us. We need all of them just to make sure "they" can help us, survive us, protect us, and of course to preserve our new generation in future. Who are they?

They are our world..... consist of five kingdoms which have been concluded in the taxonomy study i.e. Monera (bacteria), Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia. They are building up our biodiversity. They just keep on surviving to bright this world in other to preserve their habitats and a very small family. They did not choose to be in this world just to destroy peoples life. These five kingdoms are struggling to make sure that people can live in happiness and peace. However, as you know they cannot survive without a "khalifah" to sustain the peace and harmony.

Thus, lets build our world with the six kingdoms in total together with a kingdom of humans. Environment with the five kingdoms still need another one kingdom to guide them and make the balance, an equilibrium to sustain the peace in future.

Thanks Allah.

a stream near to Emerald Pool,Krabi, Thailand

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