Saturday, February 4, 2012

Teddy Bear!!!!

Bertempat di hadapan Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur,,
mnghimpunkan 140 patung beruang yg comel,,,,
pelbagai corak dilukis oleh setiap artist dr setiap negara tu,,,,
program United Buddy Bears World Tour,,,,
the first bear was created by Kluas n Eva Herlitz frm Germany...
this tour was started in June-November in Berlin, Germany,,,
now, they came to visit Malaysia,,,,
so, lets check it out wat we can see here,,,,,,

Frm here,,,,,u can see bear frm China,,,(the 2nd bear frm left)

the most scary bear,,frm bolivia,,,hihihhihi

so many bears here,,,,,n they are so cute,,,,,

so colourful,,,,,i like with the blue colour,,,,

this one from US America.....statue of liberty,,,so obvious laa,,

n diz one.....cute bear from Malaysia,,,,,,this design made by Imuda,,,


Tanzania,,,,,,,safari country,,,

Myanmar,,,,,,,golden bear~~~

Respect for ALL life,,,

I LOVE Malaysia!!!!

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